Nov 28, 2011

I love giveaways!

Check out this "EYE heart YOU Giveaway!" Jen's giving away a Hello Kitty Eyelash Case that she made herself, a pair of some false lashes, DUO lash adhesive, Waterproof mascara, an eyelash curler and oil-free eye makeup remover.

I love entering giveaways. Even though I have never won one before but I think it's fun to know that it's a possibility! The Hello Kitty Eyelash Case is too cute!

Check out the rules and Enter to WIN now on Jen's Blog! EYE heart YOU Giveaway GOOD LUCK :)


  1. Thanks for the support Reese and you're right. It feels good being back in the gym. You feel like you're actually doing something useful :)

  2. Hey sweet I thnx for following my blog I'm now following back. Btw-thnx for the comment and yes I love there makeup please do a post n let me know what you picked up. I have other lipsticks I ordered from them and same very creamy n good quality I think its def worth the $$.

  3. Γεια σου και καλώς σε βρήκα!!Καλή αρχή με το blog σου!!!Φιλιά.


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