Dec 28, 2011

Julep & Birchbox- Monthly Beauty Subscriptions

It's been a while since I last posted anything. It's so hard to get away from the busy holiday to blog...

Anyway, I signed up for the Julep Maven box after seeing it on Jessica's Blog (check out her blog!  She did a christmas series this month and I love how creative she was).
So, to get a Julep Maven Box you can go to their website (or click the picture below) and take the Julep Maven Style Quiz. This will determine which style of magazine editor you most resemble. The different Style Profiles are: Classic, It Girl, Boho Glam, American Beauty and Bombshell. After signing up you will be shipped an introductory box with some free samples.
I will be receiving the Bombshell box for January!

For a while I have been debating on which monthly make-up subscription to sign up for. I really wanted to sign up for a My Glam Bag but they're sold out right now! I emailed the company and received a response saying that I won't be able to sign up until January 1st. So hopefully I will remember to sign up on that day before they're sold out again.

December's Glam Bag
 I also took a look at another monthly make-up subscriber, GoGoGirlfriend. They give an option of receiving a box every month or every other month. They send out a box with full size samples of health, home and beauty products. But they are currently not accepting new members due to popular demand. Which was a bummer because I would love to receive full size samples rather than really small ones.

So, that left me with Birchbox which was my initial choice so I didn't mind. I think that I will be satisfied with this for $10 a month! I can't wait to receive my first box in January.

I can't wait to receive my monthly boxes! & Sign up for the glam bag. I love that this is a way to expand my beauty product/makeup collection! I think I will be saving more and spending less knowing that I have some products coming in each month!
Do you know of any other makeup/beauty related monthly subscription? I would love to hear any other recommendations!
I wish all of you a HAPPY & SAFE NEW YEAR! GOOD BYE 2011.

Dec 21, 2011

Glitzy-Glam Brush Holders Open Box

I recently ordered brush holders from Glitzy-Glam and received them about two weeks later. I was so excited when I saw who the sender was. I thought that they packaged the brush holders pretty well with all the bubble wrap. I ordered three and customized it by putting my initial on it. I love them!
I looked everywhere for a simple mug or glass type of thing to hold my brushes in but no such luck! So when I saw this on youtube, I ordered it right away. I also love that you can choose your colors and the fact that it comes with a bag of beads to put in the holders. I chose the colors hot pink and black. Take a look!

Dec 18, 2011

Christmas Wishlist 2011

1. Canon EOS Rebel T3i: I really want to get into photography. What better way to bring in a New Year with a new hobby!

2. Clarisonic Plus: I've seen great reviews on this cleanser and want to give it a try.

3. Set of Sigma Brushes- I feel that my collection needs a new brand in the mix. I have MAC brushes and have definitely been dedicated to MAC because the brushes are such great quality but I have seen great reviews about Sigma.

4. 3-Barrel Waver- I love the look that this waver gives. It's so simple and yet chic!

5. OPI Muppets Collection- I love the colors in this collection.

6. Cortex Curling Wand & Hair Dryer- I have been curling my hair with my CROC straightener for years now and I would love this one because it has 4 different rods that create different looks of the curl.

7. Stitch trim grip sole platform- I was browsing through and fell in love with these heels. I need new shoes for work!

8. NARS Blushes: Dolce Vita, Orgasm & Sex Appeal- FELL in love with the colors of these blushes. These need to be added to my collection!

9. Naked & Naked 2 Palettes- Everyone is talking about these palettes and I feel the need to try them out:)

Dec 13, 2011 Review

Hey ladies! I just wanted to do a quick review on some items that I ordered online at All of the items are $5.99 or less. I ordered about 40 items and my total was about $200 (that's including the $20 shipping). At first I thought that it was too good to be true, but the items weren't that bad. Now, the question is why is it so cheap? Well the company claims that they want to bring "wholesale shopping experience to regular consumers." They buy in large quantities, directly from the manufacturer which is why they can sell it for a lower price than any other stores.

When I received the package it came in a bag that resembled a pillow. All the items were nicely packed and folded in clear plastic bags. I bought a variety of things such as tops, belts, head bands, hair clips, dresses, earrings, rings, a romper and a pair of pants. As I sorted through my package, I made two piles, pile #1: "Keepers", pile #2: christmas presents.

If I were to grade the quality of the items that I bought, I would have to give it a B-. I loved SOME of the tops and all of the dresses and I have received alot of compliments. BUT, the first time I wore my pants, the button just fell off and one of the tops that I wore completely ripped because the material was too thin. I don't think that I would order from there again only because the material and the quality of some of the clothes are really cheap material.

Dec 8, 2011

Vanity Project

Okay so for the past couple of months I have been going crazy searching for a vanity table. I really liked the popular Malm dressing table from Ikea but they don't ship that particular item. So I started looking at other places online and I was about to give up.

IKEA Malm Dressing Table

About two weeks ago I decided to go to lunch with a friend who wanted to stop by the furniture store.  I was just walking and I came across a computer desk, it didn't really look like a computer desk. Usually it has the slider for the keyboard underneath but this one was perfect because it disguised the keyboard slider as a drawer. So today I went back with my co-worker and got the desk! I'm so excited to get home and put it all together!

Right now my make-up area is at a sink outside of my bathroom (kind of like a hotel set-up) and it just doesn't feel right. I also purchased some other few things to go on top of my spacious vanity table. I bought the acrylic drawers from MUJI! I ordered 2 of the acrylic cases with 3 drawers and 1 acrylic case with 2 drawers and a lid. I also purchase 3 brush holders from Glitzy-Glam which I put my initial on. I got the hot pink and black design. They are soo cute and each brush holder comes with one bag of beads. They also sell some really cute make up bags you can personalize. From choosing the color to putting your initials or name on the bag. I decided to get that next time!
MUJI 3-Drawers Acrylic Case

MUJI 2-Drawer Acrylic Case with Lid

Glitzy-Glam Make Up Brush Holder


Dec 6, 2011

Wedding Bliss

I personally love going to weddings. The only thing that I regret at the wedding that I just attended this weekend, was that I didn't take enough pictures! booo.. But, the bride and groom were both stunningly elegant in white. The groomsmen were wearing gray vests and matching slacks. I loved the color of the bridesmaid's dresses, it was a very dark purple that went perfect with their bouqets.

The Wedding colors were purple & gray and it went very well together. I didn't stress about what I was going to wear because a few weeks before I even knew what the colors were, I already ordered a dark purple dress from Forever21 and I also just so happened to buy thee boyfriend a purple button up too! Can you say lucky?? I was soooo relieved when I found out what the colors were.

I just curled my hair with my straightener and did sort of a bronze/purple smokey eye. I tried going for a more natural look, not too dramatic as you can tell. I put on some of my current favorite nude/pinkish lipstick from my BH Cosmetics lip palette.