Dec 6, 2011

Wedding Bliss

I personally love going to weddings. The only thing that I regret at the wedding that I just attended this weekend, was that I didn't take enough pictures! booo.. But, the bride and groom were both stunningly elegant in white. The groomsmen were wearing gray vests and matching slacks. I loved the color of the bridesmaid's dresses, it was a very dark purple that went perfect with their bouqets.

The Wedding colors were purple & gray and it went very well together. I didn't stress about what I was going to wear because a few weeks before I even knew what the colors were, I already ordered a dark purple dress from Forever21 and I also just so happened to buy thee boyfriend a purple button up too! Can you say lucky?? I was soooo relieved when I found out what the colors were.

I just curled my hair with my straightener and did sort of a bronze/purple smokey eye. I tried going for a more natural look, not too dramatic as you can tell. I put on some of my current favorite nude/pinkish lipstick from my BH Cosmetics lip palette.


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