Dec 21, 2011

Glitzy-Glam Brush Holders Open Box

I recently ordered brush holders from Glitzy-Glam and received them about two weeks later. I was so excited when I saw who the sender was. I thought that they packaged the brush holders pretty well with all the bubble wrap. I ordered three and customized it by putting my initial on it. I love them!
I looked everywhere for a simple mug or glass type of thing to hold my brushes in but no such luck! So when I saw this on youtube, I ordered it right away. I also love that you can choose your colors and the fact that it comes with a bag of beads to put in the holders. I chose the colors hot pink and black. Take a look!


  1. these are too cute! love them

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  2. Love those! Thanks for the comment and follow! Im now following u as well :D


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