Dec 13, 2011 Review

Hey ladies! I just wanted to do a quick review on some items that I ordered online at All of the items are $5.99 or less. I ordered about 40 items and my total was about $200 (that's including the $20 shipping). At first I thought that it was too good to be true, but the items weren't that bad. Now, the question is why is it so cheap? Well the company claims that they want to bring "wholesale shopping experience to regular consumers." They buy in large quantities, directly from the manufacturer which is why they can sell it for a lower price than any other stores.

When I received the package it came in a bag that resembled a pillow. All the items were nicely packed and folded in clear plastic bags. I bought a variety of things such as tops, belts, head bands, hair clips, dresses, earrings, rings, a romper and a pair of pants. As I sorted through my package, I made two piles, pile #1: "Keepers", pile #2: christmas presents.

If I were to grade the quality of the items that I bought, I would have to give it a B-. I loved SOME of the tops and all of the dresses and I have received alot of compliments. BUT, the first time I wore my pants, the button just fell off and one of the tops that I wore completely ripped because the material was too thin. I don't think that I would order from there again only because the material and the quality of some of the clothes are really cheap material.


  1. Fab blog!

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  2. theres always a catch!! lol.. well thanx for the head up :) love the blog!! xoxox AYLA


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