Feb 16, 2012

Update- Girl Power! (Lame, I know)

Hey ladies! I know, I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. My mom's here visiting and I've just been spending some time with her. Also, this past week I've applied for a new job and found out the next day that I was hired. YAY for moving on up! :)

I've just been stressing a bit on getting some things squared away for the new hire at my current job. I'll be training my replacement next week and so this week I had to get EVERYTHING I do together to show her the ropes. Quite stressful considering I only have three days to prepare for her arrival and still keeping up with my current tasks before I leave. I'm also quite nervous with my new job because it's a different field. Yes, it's an opportunity to move up but it is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. Say good-bye to my everyday heels and office job and hello to working out in the field.

My new co-workers aren't to thrilled either. My company already notified me that because of my gender, they think that I can't hack it already? REALLY?? I haven't even started yet and they're already hating because they heard that a female is going to fill the position? Can I say sexist??  My company also asked me if that effects my decision on accepting the position. HECK NO! That makes me want it even more just so I can prove them wrong. Am I right ladies?? I may be a little nervous but that doesn't mean that I can't do it. So bring it on boys!

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So yess, ladies I start on the 27th and I shall let you guys know how it goes. My mom also leaves that day so hopefully I'll get back to the flow of things and catch up with you ladies. Until then, I hope you ladies enjoy the rest of the week and I'll try as much as possible to post a little something later.

Bye ladies! :)


  1. you go girl.. haha anything boys can do we can do better!!!!

  2. I work in a typically man based field, and I love it!!
    Best decision I ever made! When I tell people I work in a car dealership and im NOT the receptionist, but I DO work on the cars I feel great and they're shocked! You will kick butt girlie!

    xxx Jessica

  3. I love those kids photo w/words is so cute...don't worry I still d one a honest follower to you and waiting to read your post and any review again... Congrats to your new job and yes family is always come first.. take care

  4. Good luck with your new position. I'm sure you will ROCK OUT! Don't let those sexiest people get you down.

    1. love this. i've recently been able to embrace my femininity more and am all about girl power! :)

  5. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


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  6. Show em what you've got! 8) Thatz so sexist of them! :@ Hmph!!
    Congratulations, and Gooood luck with the new job gurl! :)
    Namita <3

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  8. that pic is soo cute ! love it ha girl power xoxo

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  10. Congrats on your new job! Sucks that people are already judging you before for start, but showing others how amazing you are will be a great feeling. All the best, let us know how you get on :D


  11. I just love this! wanna follow each others blog?:X


  12. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  13. just came across your blog and hats off to you! GIRL power :D Good luck starting.. I'm sure you'll be great! now following so I can hear more about how it goes :P :) xo


  14. I hope the lack of posts means that your job is going well! I'm sorry to hear that people are already underestimating you. People are always quick to make assumptions based on your age and gender, but I'm sure you're showing them that they're wrong.

  15. good luck! you show them girls kick ass !!


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