Jan 16, 2012

Cute Blog Award- Thank You!

1. What is your go to makeup product?
     Mascara & Blush
 2. What was your favorite fashion trend of  2011? I don't think I have a favorite fashion trend from 2011.
3. What is your favorite dessert? I love me some frozen yogurt! A healthier version of ice cream.
4. Favorite color? I'd have to say that my favorite color changes daily. Right now my favorite is this bluish gray that I have on my nails today!
5. What is your middle name? Rose :)
6. What was the last song you listened to? I don't remember. Whatever was playing on the radio.
7. Cats or dogs? I lovvveee dogs!

I send this award to the following ladies:
1. Wendy
2. Lucinda
3. Laura
4. Helen
5. Sandra

A special thank you to Yolandaas (be sure to show her some love on her page) for awarding me this Cute Blog Award. I received this quite a while back and have been meaning to put it up. I finally made the time for it! I hope everyone's enjoying the rest of their weekend! I'm already spending my Tuesday back at work! :)


  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting The Girlie Blog. So glad you followed -- and I am following you too.

    By the way, I am also saving up for a cannon rebel. But I have a feeling I might like something else when I have enough money.


    1. Thank You too!

      I agree, I change my mind quite often! This is like the third time I changed my mind on which DSLR I want to buy.

  2. Thank you very much - I do appreciate this award :) x

  3. Hi darling! Nice blog :)
    If you want, follow me, I'll follow you back!



  4. NIce blog!If you follow me I do the same and dont forget like me on Facebook! http://karo-just-me.blogspot.com

  5. Hi - I saw your link through Sandra's Beauty Balm blog! It's lovely, I'm a follower! PLUS we share a middle name; what's not to love?!

    Please take a look round mine and follow back! (Giveaway to come very soon)

  6. Very nice blog!! I bumped into it! (: (: Why don't we follow each other? :D


  7. Hello lovely, thank you so much for the award!! That is so lovely of you!! I really appreciate that you take time to read my wee blog, means a lot to me so thank you!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Hope you have had a great 2012 so far!

    Lots of love!!! xoxoxox

  8. Gorgeous blog, I adore it! Thanks so much for following me, I'm following you back! xoxo, Veena

    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole


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