Jan 12, 2012

Good-bye Locks of Love

Sorry the picture is such bad quality (it's from my phone) but I just wanted to share what I've been thinking about ALL day long & I think I've made up my mind. With bringing in the New Year, I think it's time for a new do! So my hair as you can see is quite long, it's 3/4 down my back and my hair is wavy. I feel like it's just hanging and that's it. It's too long for me to do pretty much anything and my layers aren't even visible anymore.

So... I have been thinking about this for about a week now. & I think my mind is made up! I take a while to really think about cutting my hair but I think it's time for something new and different. New Year.. new hair! So I decided which hairstyle I want to have...

I was Google-ing different hairstyles and browsing different galleries until I stumbled upon this look! As soon as I saw this I knew it is THE ONE! I feel like this is very different with the layers and the bangs compared to my simple long look right now. I think it really would change my look because it's soo short compared to my hair right now. I love how the side bangs look but I'm thinking about having it a little shorter than this but I might stick to this if it looks better on me. I'm so excited! Now onto which salon to schedule my appointment at!


  1. That would look super amazing! The hard part will be straightening the hair each day though. Other than that I'm sure it will lok fantastic with curly as well


  2. go for it! the new year calls for a new change, and the new hairstyle will look amazing.

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  3. The new hair will look amazing on you! I can't wait to see pictures!

  4. I'm trying to get it as long as your hair was before! But I start to get the same thoughts about cutting: it's just hanging there and my layers are growing out. Therefore I keep going to the hairdresser and it will never be long! But I think the hair on the picture is also pretty amazing! it will look good on you!


  5. Ah good luck! I have always wanted to cut my hair to see how it looks but I am so nervous! (It's down to the very end of my back, maybe longer, and pin straight) I wish you the best, it'll certainly be a change! XD


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