Jan 26, 2012

Time for a change! Gym Routines, Healthy Habits!

Hey ladies! I know we've seen this "Eating Healthy" everywhere in the blog world but I wanted to share my recent thoughts on the subject. I personally love food! Who doesn't?

This morning I noticed that I felt quite sluggish. I was tired & my co-worker handed me a Mountain Dew to "give me some energy" he said. So, I took it and ended up drinking it and guess what? Not only did that NOT help to me feeling sluggish, but it made me feel horrible knowing how much sugar is in that one can! UGH.

So why I am feeling sluggish today? Well I regrettably didn't go to the gym all week except for Monday. I guess my body isn't happy with me right now. For the past two weeks I have developed a bad eating habit. I have been only eating lunch. As in ONLY lunch (& not the healthy kind but the go to the nearest restaurant with the co-workers). Yup! Tsk tsk... After the gym it's already 7 or 8 and I end up doing a little cleaning up at home and by the time I'm all relaxed, I go to sleep. SKIP DINNER because I'm so tired from the day already.

So today, I decided that I really need to make a change. To feel better and be happier :) with myself and my body. Instead of forcing myself to go to the gym, I have decided to give myself another option: Either go to the gym or stay home & work out with the Insanity DVDs that I've had for months. I also decided that I need to plan/prepare my breakfast the night before. That way I won't have to rush and end up not eating breakfast at all. I also decided that before going to the gym, I should already plan up my dinner that way I can eat right when I get home.

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I've looked at the Insanity Workout Calendar & I really want to (as my gym would say) "Commit to be Fit." My boyfriend & I started working out at the same time & trust me... you can actually tell that he works out. It just sucks that we have to work out harder!  

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My co-worker has also decided to practice eating healthier with me for lunch. Instead of spending $10 a day we decided to pitch in $20 each and buy some veggies & healthy snacks to leave at the office. So whenever we're hungry, we head to the "healthy corner" instead of the vending machine. I also wanted to cut out soda! I'm actually a new soda drinker believe it or not. I never used to drink soda until I moved to Guam. When I lived in Hawaii, I never touched soda. I loved water!
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Maybe I'll start a weekly series, "Commit to be Fit" Fridays" ? What do you think? Is this something you guys would find interesting? We could all be each other's motivators and help each other out! I think having support helps us with our goals. Otherwise, we get influenced and not feel that bad about it.

Time to tone-up, Eat Healthy & "Commit to be Fit" ! :)



  1. I can so relate with you girl! Except I'm eating way too much at every meal and being a lazy bum! haha but I'm starting Insanity on Tuesday and I cant waitttt! I know it's gonna kill me but I think i'll be way more willing to work out since I dont hafta go to the gym and I can just do it at my apt. Keep up the hard work! :]

  2. Totally need to get back on the healthy train too! Love that you guys have a "healthy corner"! Need to do that!

  3. following! hope you follow back!

  4. I love the healthy lunches you and your co-worker do, that's an awesome idea. I also feel sluggish and yucky when I skip gym... so I decided to start working out at home, where I'm most comfortable... this week I got and already started the P90X workout videos... so hard but I feel so great as well :)

    "Commit to be Fit" Fridays" is a great idea... looking forward to your future posts :)

  5. I need to join you on this,
    I'm becoming terribly pudgy and HATE working out, lol.
    Ironic how I used to be super in shape at one point >_<

    I love that idea that you have about having a healthy snack corner to go to that you're sharing with your coworker


  6. I'm totally in the same place as you right now. I ONLY eat dinner and I have not been consistent with the gym. I definitely feel the effects. So, things need to change! I think that's great that you and your co-worker have decided to start eating healthy together. Having a healthy buddy definitely makes a huge difference!

    Hope you have a great week!


  7. omg , i remeber trying insanity, one word; it's insane. but commit to fridays sounds like a great idea

  8. Girrrrrl... I'm with you on this one! I just did a really similar blog and as I was blog walking I came across your page and saw this post. Must be fait?! lol. Followed you :) You can do it girl!




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