Jan 22, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge for February!

Hey beauties! Look what I stumbled across. I saw the January Photo a Day Challenge on a few blogs, so I went straight to the source and I got lucky that she posted February's Photo a Day Challenge. I wanted to share it with you guys just in case you haven't seen it around and you wanted to do this too! Be sure to check out Chantelle's blog. She's planning on creating one every month.

I thought this might be a great way to share more about myself and my daily life with you ladies. I think it also might be fun to get to know others that participate in this challenge as well. Looking at the list, I think many of us will have a different interpretation of the things that are listed. I think that's the most interesting part of this challenge!



  1. great!:D check mine thanks;)

  2. Gr8 :)

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  4. I love challenges you should also do the 30 before 30 since your young and have lots of time to get it done!!

  5. lovely challenge, good luck with it!!


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